Welcome to The Animal Protection Party

We are a new political party which aims to simultaneously represent the interests of people and non-human animals, a party that isn’t frightened to speak the truth and a party that wants to see real change rather than just be seen to want it. We hope that you will be as excited as we are about the future and will give us your support in our fight for a better system of true equality. Politicians have been allowed to get too comfortable in the cosy world of party politics. All that is about to change.

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Animal Farming

Millions of animals are kept in terrible, prison-like conditions >>> 

2010 General Election

The Animal Protection Party was highly successful in the last General Election.

We distributed over 250, 000 leaflets to constituents in the 4 seats we contested.

We gained a lot of coverage both in the press and on the radio.

We unseated our number 1 target Dr Evan Harris of the Liberal Democrats in Oxford West and Abingdon.

Why a vote for The Animal Protection Party is NOT a wasted vote.

Since we launched it has become apparent that some people just don’t understand the concept behind it. In this short essay I hope to explain to you the ideology of The Animal Protection Party, and why a vote for us is NOT a wasted vote.

It is a common misconception that to vote for any party other than Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat is somehow a ‘wasted’ vote. This fallacy is perpetuated by the big three as some kind of perceived wisdom in order to maintain the current political hegemony with them at the apex. This in turn has led to the current level of voter apathy. Whoever you vote for they promise the world and deliver nothing, so it follows that many people ask; why bother voting at all?

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